How to prevent injury


Regardless of what sport you play every sportsperson will want to avoid any type of injury which could hamper your season. Funnily enough runners aren’t an exception to this! So what can you do to help prevent damaging injuries?


Dynamic stretching is an essential practice to do before and after training. These stretches help to warm your muscles, increase circulation and prepare the muscles to be ready for your race. It’s really key to warm up, with particular focus on the muscles that you’ll be using in your race. Runner’s World suggest these three steps –

Walk before you run – Walking or jogging helps to ease the transition from static to running.

Point massage – If there are any areas causing you issues then you should lightly massage the muscle area to relieve tension.

Be dynamic – You need to warm up the extension of your legs through exercises. Here are some exercises to take into account when stretching.

Pilates and Yoga

A lot of athletes these days are using Pilates and yoga as a means of strengthening muscles and preventing injury. Benefits of Pilates and yoga include:

  •        Increased muscle strength and tone
  •        Improved posture
  •        Enhanced muscular control
  •        Stress management and relaxation

Pilates and Yoga also aid rehabilitation and they help improve your balance and strengthen those muscles that you might have damaged previously.

Further help

Sometimes injuries are impossible to prevent and it’s essential that you rehabilitate the correct way. It’s important to support any strains or sprains to ensure further damage is prevented. Our headline sponsor OrthoLink has a line of injury management sports braces and supports (medical grade) which help treat joint instability, tendonitis, sprains and strains. Check out their online Amazon store for details.


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